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Limited Sinkhole insurance coverage.

In the past, Florida law required insurers to give homeowners sinkhole coverage. Many homeowners were able to get there homes repaired or have the insurance company pay off the limits of the insurance policy. Insurance companies are never happy about paying off claims. They lobbied to change the laws covering sinkhole homes. As a result, in April 6, 2016 the governor (Rick Scott) and the Florida Legislature changed the laws, allowing the insurers to either offer extremely limited sinkhole coverage or to make it so expensive that people can’t afford it. In addition, if you do make a claim, it is much harder to prove your case. If your house is not falling into a sinkhole and being condemned. You are out of luck. These articles were written before they changed the laws. I am still buying unrepaired Sinkhole homes in Florida. Please call me. (813)545 5263

43. Sinkhole House Foundation Repair Symptoms, Causes, and Repair Solutions.

If you think your home might need house foundation repair there are many things to consider. It is important to know what to look for, what causes Florida sinkholes, and options you have as one of the many sinkhole home buyers.

Many of the signs to look for with sinkholes include cracks. Cracks may be inside of the home or outside. You might notice them on the walls near windows and door frames in the top corners. You might see cracks on the exterior of the home, interior of the home, driveway, walkways, stairs, and even in the soil outside. The doors or windows in the home might not shut at all or may just no longer fit the frames properly anymore. Some sinkhole home buyers have noticed they need house foundation repair by the way a part of the front or back yard falling or sinking lower than the rest. Any signs like this should cause you to have a professional come to your home to verify if you have a sinkhole or not.

There are many things that cause sinkholes and require house foundation repair. Sinkholes are primarily about water. The causes from water include water dissolving minerals in soil leaving open spaces, water washing away soil, groundwater levels lowering, hydrologic system changes, and even changes in the groundwater table. There are also activities that can cause sinkholes to establish also. These activities include water levels declining, a disturbance of the soil, concentrated water flow, water impoundments, vibration from traffic, and heavy loads on the surface of the soil. These are all things that sinkhole home buyers have noticed to be causes of foundation problems.

If you need house foundation repair there are a few options to consider. Two of the most popular include grout compacting and underpinning. Grout compacting is when grout will be forced into the soil causing it to fill and raise the level of the soil back to normal and level the home the way it used to be. Underpinning does not use grout and is a very popular method also.

House foundation repair is usually needed with sinkhole home buyers when they notice signs of a sinkhole. It is important to notice signs of a sinkhole right away to minimize the damage and possibly the cost of repair. It is not guaranteed an insurance company will pay for repairs of foundation issues but filing a claim is the first thing you should do. There are two basic types of fixes that sinkhole home buyers opt for which include underpinning and grout compacting.

Foundation underpinning is a method of repairing slabs or sinkholes that is the most popular and effective method. Many sinkhole home buyers have had success with this method of repair. If you notice problems with your foundation such as cracks in the home or in the pavement around your home then underpinning might be the solution.


You should be very careful when looking at alternative methods of repairing your sinkhole home. You may find it extremely difficult to sell your home if you do not repair the home in compliance with the engineering report. A Sinkhole Engineer is the most qualified person to make the repair recommendations.

Sinkhole Buyer Florida. Is your sinkhole house of sale in Florida?

Repairing your sinkhole home can be an aggravating quagmire. Despite the Florida statute requiring your insurance company to cover and repair sinkholes (and the ensuing damages), your insurance company will do everything within their power to avoid paying.

Insurance companies will hire engineering companies or geologists who are “favorable to their cause”. These engineers, or geologists, will use substandard testing methods to guarantee that they do not find the sinkhole. This gives the insurance company grounds to deny your claim, leaving you in a damaged home and no funds to repair it.

Sure, you can hire an sinkhole attorney and file an appeal, but that costs a lot of money, too. Attorneys usually charge by the hour. The engineering companies or geologists that the attorney hires to find that sinkhole for you are not free either. The legal filings and depositions used to force a payment from your insurance company can leave you bankrupt.

And, it does not end there. Once the $150k plus in repairs are complete your home could still sustain damage from the supposedly non-active sinkhole. If you try to sell it, it will always be stigmatized because the law requires you to disclose any sinkholes (even if they are repaired and the home has no damage. You're insurance premiums go up because you filed a claim. Some insurance companies will even drop you as a client after the claim is complete.

The reality is that sinkholes are common in Florida. Much like a hurricane or tropical storm, homeowners must one day face a sinkhole on their property. The karst topography of Florida makes sinkholes possible anywhere, at anytime.

Why put yourself through all this? We know that this is your home, your sanctuary. It should never be a place of frustration and hardship. When all is said and done, it is cheaper and easier just to sell your unrepaired sink hole home than to fight the never ending battle of repairs.

For a reasonable price, you can purchase a new and safe home. For a reasonable price, you can purchase yourself peace of mind.

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